My name is Sanjeev and I’m a freelance
Creative Director
&UX Designer
I live in Delhi, India and work for businesses around the world. Learn more about me, or check out my work.


Sanjeev Sharma
I’m Sanjeev Sharma. I have over a decade of experience, having worked for brands like India Today, Oracle and IBM prior to founding Designjaunt in March 2007. I have been designing logos, engaging websites and marketing collaterals for my clients worldwide that get results for their businesses.

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Things I’d Love to Help You with

  • Web Design

    Your website design is your breakout presence on the Internet, and how you present the look and feel of your company-and the professionalism it conveys-has everything to do with the impression left on your users. I can help create good creative impressions that leave customers wanting to do business

  • Branding

    A brand isn’t just an important component of business. A brand IS business. The experience of your company, the relationship formed between you and a customer, is the number one driving force for success. I can help create a striking, recognisable logo, crafting a personality, and building a trustworthy character that carries across all mediums

  • Graphic Design

    I love creative problem solving. That‘s why I can take an idea from concept to delivery in design, marketing and print. Everything design-related and promotional including print, stationery, brochures, sell sheets, presentations, and displays

Happy Clients!

  • Sanjeev worked on revamping our product data sheet. He created a very professional looking data sheet with great aesthetics. He was receptive to all feedback and incorporated it in a timely manner. In addition, Sanjeev met an aggressive schedule. I recommend him highly.

    Jayant Ramchandani
    Jayant Ramchandani
    Sr. Director Strategic Development at Rambus

  • Sanjeev has been responsible for revamping our website to include more information, analytics and other relevant details. His work is very impressive and has helped us tremendously in raising customer’s perception of our brand value. The quality of the customer driven to our website has improved. Apart from the actual services called for, Sanjeev has given inputs which were instrumental in furthering our brand value. Hire Sanjeev, you won’t regret it!

    Pranesh Bhat
    Pranesh Bhat
    Executive Director at Sungov Engineering

  • I worked with Sanjeev to develop a new online financial publication in early 2009. He designed the PDF template and prepared the issues, which are usually published every two weeks. The publication includes graphics and a somewhat complicated layout. I am very impressed by the quality of Sanjeev’s design and his willingness to work hard through repeated rounds of editing to make each issue as perfect as possible. He is a pleasure to work with and very reliable.

    Chidem Kurdas
    Chidem Kurdas
    Author & Financial Journalist, New York

  • I first worked with Sanjeev in 2001 to redesign a whole website. He did an excellent job. I recently hired him again to design my company collateral from scratch. Sanjeev is extremely creative with a good sense of what will work for the client and is very responsive to ideas and feedback. He meets deadlines without compromising quality. I would recommend him to all who want to design their logos, websites and other collateral.

    V N Saroja
    V N Saroja
    Chief Executive Officer at AgriWatch

  • Sanjeev is the true-blue creative genius when it comes to designing. He has a design flair and style that is always fresh and beautiful. I’ve worked with him on many projects and he has consistently delivered results that reaffirm my belief in him and his work. He builds an excellent rapport with the customer and creates an environment for sharing of ideas and collaborative work – something that ensures that customer ideas and desires are taken into account into whatever he executes. As with any master,he provides an in-depth service to anyone looking for getting web or print design work done.

    Vinod Panicker
    Vinod Panicker
    Head – Product Management, Spokn

  • Sanjeev turned my raw copy into well designed, attractive and stimulating collateral and brochures. He adds ideas, works fast and to deadlines and is always a pleasure to work with.

    Robert Neely
    Robert Neely
    Sales Director at Protegrity

  • I’ve had the pleasure of watching an idea shape into a website with Sanjeev. I have been particularly impressed with his honesty and proactive attitude and recommend Sanjeev for his knowledge, originality and his eye for detail. I think it’s hard to find someone as passionate, result-oriented and devoted as he is in his work. He’s provided me with honest inputs throughout the design process and Im not going to forget that!

    Farah Shahed
    Principal Consultant at Interact Consulting

  • Sanjeev has done some great work for me in regard to web design. It is always a pleasure working with him. His creativity is beyond words. He delivers the goods and is always on time with his projects. I highly recommend him!

    Ben Blijleven
    Ben Blijleven
    Operations Specialist at GN Netcom

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