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My name is Sanjeev Sharma and freelance designer. Designjaunt.com is my home on the web, where I showcase my work. I’m not just about making something look good though – usability is at the core of the work I produce. I’m also meticulous about my project process, and each design project I undertake follows the same steps to ensure success. Design isn’t just a job, it’s something I love to do.

Sanjeev Sharma

I never went to an Art School, instead I studied physics and graduated in the year 1999. After finishing college, I was sure of one thing – I did’t want to have anything to do with Physics, ever!! It was in the Delhi winters of 1999 that I discovered graphic design and started playing with Photoshop and Illustrator. Fast-forward 2013, over twelve years in the creative industry and I’m pretty confident of anything that starts with the word D (of Design) – Web design, Print media and Logo design. My clients and employers have contributed to making me feel cocksure about my work.

When I’m not designing, I love to travel to far off places on my Royal Enfield motorcycle christened Bubbly. I have traveled across India and south-east asia. I’m a member of 60kph Motorcycle Travel Club, India. I was part of a motorcycle expedition film ‘One Crazy Ride‘ to the remote state of Arunachal Pradesh. The film has won three prestigious international awards! My experiences and exposure to different places and cultures have helped me immencely in becoming a better person and a better designer.

Places where I have been to

Some of the books i’ve enjoyed reading

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values
Autobiography of a Yogi
Work for Money, Design for Love: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Starting and Running a Successful Design Business
It Will Be Exhilarating: Indie Capitalism and Design Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century
Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth
The Design of Everyday Things
Honorary Tiger: The Life of Billy Arjan Singh
The Kenneth Anderson Omnibus
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny
The Saint, Surfer, and CEO
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?
Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality
The Fountainhead
How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer
Design Is a Job

And here’s the kind of music I like

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